For the Broadcaster

If you are a broadcast professional, this is an opportunity to give back, or to pay forward and to help like never before. If you would like to recommend a university that you feel would be ideal to join the National Radio Talent System™ and would welcome this opportunity to further invest in their students future careers, please let us know and we will contact them or if you prefer, we will be glad to do the research to find the universities in the state that would be the most appropriate to partner to do the Institute. .

The National Radio Talent System™ is the only program of its kind in the world. It’s an incubator of well-rounded, well-educated, college talent who have a passion and desire for a career in broadcasting. It’s a system of Radio Talent Institutes™ on college campuses across America, each connected to the National Radio Talent System.

There are four prongs to the system: 1) The National Radio Talent System itself, which conducts the 10 day long Institutes; 2) The sponsor of each Institute; 3) The universities that host the Institute on their campuses and become National Radio Talent System affiliates and, of course, 4) The students accepted into the institute.

It’s a win-win for the broadcast industry:
The Radio Talent System fills a need and solves the problem the industry has talked about for years… the need for a talent “farm system”, an incubator of young entry-level talent with a passion and desire to work in broadcasting.

Benefits to the Industry:  

    • This is the talent incubator, the talent farm the industry needs today more than ever.
    • Young talent you can hire today, and many will be leaders in the industry tomorrow.
    • These future broadcasters have already decided they want to be in radio, or at the very least are seriously considering radio as a career.
    • The curriculum is designed so that every student participates in every aspect of the program. We have discovered that many students have not yet determined which aspect of the industry they like best or should pursue, whether it’s on-air, sales, interactive, sports, news, etc., and are often so moved by the speakers, and through what they learn, they can then make that decision and move forward enthusiastically.
    • The curriculum is strongly designed to build on what the students have already learned in their university classes and further help prepare students to attain positions in the broadcast industry and to begin a successful career. To date, the majority of the students who have completed the program have actually begun their career in radio or a related field.
    • We have learned that even those not interested in a sales career still value the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) sales training. This is true to a large degree because we position this as a way for them to learn the business side of the business. After completing this portion of the Institute, they become certified as Radio Marketing Professionals, setting them apart from other candidates they compete against for jobs.
    • The curriculum covers ten intense days of learning. The order of the sessions contributes to the flow of learning and builds upon each day and session. It is not surprising to hear a student say during the course of the program that “it can’t get better than it was today”, but it does.
    • In addition to having their RAB sales training, many of the students have worked in college radio, or part time, and have already learned how to run the board, Adobe Audition, NexGen and other skill sets.
    • With Radio Talent Institute students, you get to hire future broadcasters that have a growing passion for the business.
    • National Radio Talent System provides all needed materials.
    • A custom website for the university is created and maintained by National Radio Talent System, bringing national exposure to your students who successfully completed the Institute, as well as to the university.
    • Delivers an almost turnkey operation.

Broadcast industry state associations, organizations or individual broadcasters provide the $30,000 sponsorship of the Radio Talent Institutes. The university has an affiliation fee of $7,750. We build and maintain a website specific to the Institute to place students from the Institute and to promote the Institute. The site is under the umbrella of the National Radio Talent System which permits the use of the Radio Talent Institute™ and National Radio Talent System™ trademarks.

For More information, Contact: Jeff Schmidt, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..