How It Works

The National Radio Talent System™:

 Targets selected universities across America.

 Works with the university to create your own Radio Talent Institute.

 Invites accomplished broadcast industry professionals to the campus to teach each session, including the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) sales training through internet modules (each student takes the RAB Radio Marketing Professional Certification exam and digital Radio Program modules and becomes certified upon passing the exam). The National Radio Talent Systemwill recruit the guest professionals for you to assure you have an impressive group of professionals. These speakers we pursue can also include alumni and others that you either have, or would like to have a relationship with.

 Provides the curriculum to each university (the curriculum can be adjusted as needed).

 Creates and provides the agenda based on the content of each class to create forward momentum and anticipation over the ten-day institute.

We will handle the applications and registrations of the students for you and all the paperwork, time, and follow through.

Communication and written confirmation with each industry professional to guarantee they have directions to the university and know the location of the building/room where they will be teaching. Provide info on where to park cars if they are driving in.

 Gives guidance and advice on any area of the Institute.

 Provides material for the Institute including notebooks and bags for students and professionals, name tags, etc.

Internet modules through the Radio Advertising Bureau for the students to be taught and given an exam to be certified as Radio Marketing Professionals.

Recommends a maximum acceptance of 25 students in order to keep the classroom small and the quality of the students high.

 Helps generate national publicity in the broadcast industry for each institute and university.

 Will build and maintain your Radio Talent Institute™ website for you to highlight the students who complete the program, as well as highlighting your industry guest professional faculty. As an affiliate you link to the National Radio Talent System to have your students benefit from networking nationally.

 Provides national exposure to the broadcast industry for each student through linking the Radio Talent Instituteto the National Radio Talent System website so that each student, as well as each university, gets national exposure, as well as local.

Provides the National Radio Talent System affiliation agreement for the Radio Talent Institute ($7,750.00). Connects each institute/university and each student to broadcast companies as they visit the website and through regular communication from National Radio Talent Systemto each broadcast company. Broadcast companies welcome and embrace the opportunity to be introduced to new talent.

The University Provides

    A contact person on the university staff to work directly with the National Radio Talent System™..

    The marketing of the Institute on campus to make students aware and encourage them to apply. We can give guidance to help make this happen.

    While it’s totally up to each university, we also recommend inviting students from other schools in the state or area.

    The university faculty to do the opening/welcome on the first day (Communications faculty, Chair, Dean, or Chancellor, etc.)

    A well-equipped room with all appropriate technology (Internet, audio, video, laptops for students' use).

    Audio/video record each industry professional’s session during the Institute. This can be done by staff and/or students. The National Radio Talent System will pay a stipend to this team of four.

    We recommend you do a video recorded interview with each industry professional, usually about five minutes in length, giving him/her the opportunity to talk about subjects in their area of expertise, and their experience at your school and institute. This interview will go on your Radio Talent Institute™ website and will be available on the National Radio Talent Systemsite. You select the person from your staff or faculty to conduct the interview, or we will provide someone for you.

    On-campus housing for the students at a low cost if they have the need.

    Provide parking for speakers along with free parking pass.

Costs to the University

    The affiliation fee to the National Radio Talent System™ is $7,750.00. All other costs are covered by the sponsor.

Benefits to Radio

It’s simple. It’s the answer to what has been talked about for years. Where is the next generation of great radio talent coming from? Where will we find the next great air talent, program directors, sales managers, general managers, innovators, visionaries, and owners?.

This is where and how … the National Radio Talent System.

These are the crème de la crème of young broadcast talent from each region of the country.  Each university will have a quality standard for each student to pass in order to be accepted into their Radio Talent Institute™. Each student is well-rounded, well-educated, talented and passionate about radio. And today’s student/young broadcaster, particularly if he or she is a Communications major, is also most likely to have web and video skills.

These students are the best of the best and will be looking for entry level positions, and they’ll have the talent and smarts to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

What does it cost a broadcaster now, in time and money, to find a talented and skilled person for each position that comes open, and what are the odds that person will “make it”? With the National Radio Talent System, it’s easy. Once we have universities participating all across the country, all you'll have to do is go to the National Radio Talent System website, click on the various schools that have held a Radio Talent Instituteand review the resumes and air checks of entry level talent all across America.

Even easier than that, The National Radio Talent System will send the person(s) you designate in your company or stations regular talent email updates, making you aware of and highlighting young entry level talent.

And with each update sent to you, you will know he/she has completed the RAB sales training as part of the Radio Talent Institute™, which not only helps these young broadcasters get an early understanding of radio sales, but also helps them understand the “business of the business”.

Imagine…radio stations recruiting from young talent just as determined and passionate about getting into radio as you were.

Imagine…The National Radio Talent System.