Imagine a National Radio Talent System, an incubator of well-rounded, well-educated college talent with a passion for radio and a determination to get into the business.

Imagine a Radio Talent Institute in every region or state in America so students can attend in their home state, and so radio stations can recruit from their own region of the country or nationally.

Imagine radio stations recruiting from young talent who are just as determined and passionate about getting into radio as you were.  Imagine…The National Radio Talent System.

We are creating a National Radio Talent System to provide young, well-rounded, well-educated and passionate-about-radio entry level talent to the radio industry.

The National Radio Talent System is a system of talent incubator programs on college campuses all across America, with the first-ever Radio Talent Institute at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  This concept, now in its 6th year, is the first program of its kind in the world, and broadcasters agree it is long overdue.

For decades we, in the industry, have talked of the need for a farm system that would identify and bring new talent into the industry. Finally, we have it. The “go to” place to find new, young, passionate, well-educated, entry level talent qualified to excel in radio stations across America.  Due to the advent of voice-tracking, automation, syndication, and labor laws that minimize or prevent the opportunity for young people to just “hang around” the radio station, we have lost much of our training ground. Our profession needs the National Radio Talent System more than ever.  The system delivers enthusiastic young adults who are ready to walk into your radio station and not only be comfortable, but ready to excel in every area of the business, from on-air to sales to traffic, news, sports, production and  copy writing. Seventy-three percent of the students who completed the inaugural program at Appalachian State University are now working in the radio industry or broadcast related fields.

Working together - the broadcast profession, universities, the National Radio Talent System - we will find, teach and develop the brightest of the brightest students to bring fresh talent into the industry and prepare the next generation of broadcast leaders.

We are inviting universities throughout the country to join the National Radio Talent System to create talent incubators all across America on university campuses.  Through this innovative program we will attract, coach, teach and train more young talent for the radio industry. We will have Radio Talent Institutes on university campuses in all regions of the country.

A successful model is already established with the Kellar Radio Talent Institute at Appalachian State University.   Visit the inaugural